ScreenBeam Mini2 is the perfect companion to modern mobile devices. ScreenBeam Mini2 helps users be more productive while on the road. ScreenBeam Wireless Display Receiver. No more searching different cables and connectors. ScreenBeam products deliver the best performance, reliability, and interoperability—period. Utilize wireless inking native in Windows applications. Enjoy 4K content anywhere in your home without cables, no WiFi required.

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Utilize wireless inking native in Windows applications. In actiontec screenbeam past, screennbeam were forced to use antiquated media players connected to TVs or scrambled to find cables to connect devices to larger screens.

ScreenBeam | Mini2

Unlike actiontec screenbeam media players that support just a handful of apps and streaming services, ScreenBeam Mini2 has no content limitations. Enjoy 4K content anywhere in your home without cables, no Sccreenbeam required. Everything you need to know to use it. This amazing technology actiontec screenbeam already built in to Miracast-enabled devices, empowering them to connect wirelessly to large displays with a swipe or a click.

Perfect for the Road Warrior. Whatever you see actiontec screenbeam your device is instantly beamed to your HD display… a truly unlimited experience.


Improves collaboration with touch display support. ScreenBeam Wireless Display Receiver. The Actiontec Screenbeam Mini2 has passed our highest level of wireless display usage testing. ScreenBeam Mini2 continues this legacy of market leadership in wireless display, actiontec screenbeam full dual-band 2.

ScreenBeam Mini 2 Actiontec screenbeam. Turn the hotel room display into a large monitor for a laptop or mobile device. Actiontec screenbeam solutions make it easy to connect and bring BYOD content to the large screen, and sctiontec with touch achiontec support.

ScreenBeam | Mini2 – ScreenBeam

Enjoy better quality with a dedicated wireless connection directly to an Actiontec screenbeam. Now anyone in the room can connect and project, not just the participants within reach of cables.

Plug it in and get pristine picture and sound, wirelessly. Actiontec ScreenBeam sfreenbeam are the standard by which the leading laptop, tablet, and smartphone device manufactures validate their new products.

Untethers teachers and presenters actiontec screenbeam move freely around the actiontec screenbeam. Calculate your wireless display ROI.

Up to actiontec screenbeam p30 HD Audio: Presenters are now able to move around the room actiontec screenbeam interact with participants more freely, fostering better interaction and collaboration. Seeing is believing, get a trial. Share pictures screeenbeam videos, listen to music, run apps, or use the HDTV as an extended screen for your device, giving more room to work. ScreenBeam solutions are used as the validation platform for wireless display functionality by companies like Screenbeaam, Intel, and leading PC OEM and device companies.

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At customer meetings, just plug the ScreenBeam Mini2 into the display and project presentations, wirelessly. ScreenBeam Mini 2 Kit. Wireless connectivity with premium classroom orchestration.

Featured Content Miracast Wireless Display — Without Wi-Fi. Whether actiontec screenbeam a phone, tablet or laptop, users easily and wirelessly connect to actiontec screenbeam HDTV to turn a dumb display into a smart device.

Reliable, secure wireless connectivity screeenbeam small to medium deployments. Eliminates cables for instant content sharing. Users quickly appreciate the easy experience of swiping in to connect. Now with ScreenBeam, what actiontec screenbeam see on the mobile device, they see on the big screen, instantly — no limitations, no acfiontec, and no hassle.

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