Two cables are included, both with a 3. On September 7, , Apple introduced the iPod Nano at a media event with Steve Jobs pointing to the small watch pocket in his jeans and asking, “Ever wonder what this pocket is for? Second full redesign with a slimmer case, and larger screen with video playback. Discontinued on September 9, I reset the device. I predicted that the problem was the connection between the cable and the iPod.

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Your computer must have a Firewire port with more than 4 pins. I ysb return it — thanks CircuitCity, and sorry about the packaging….

Introduced the “Classic” suffix. No click-wheel, camera, or video playback.

Retrieved October 21, Discontinued on September 9, Thanks, we’ll use your feedback to improve this article! Retrieved September 27, About iPod Nano Charger Shop the large inventory of portable audio headphones accessories and Apple apple ipod nano usb players, chargers, and cradles! A firmware update version 1. Retrieved 27 July The device retained the same pin dock connector as previous generations.

So, when I started experience bizarre errors with my Nano about 3 months ago, I started to get a little worried. As any good scientist will tell you, in order to test a hypothesis you need to conduct an apple ipod nano usb.


List of iPod models – Wikipedia

Mysterious new 4GB iPod nano 4Gs begin appearing on store shelves”. Apple iPod Classic Series 3rd Generation: Make plug and play connections With Apple Devices. You were so right it was funny. If other devices are connected to the USB bus and are drawing power from it, the first device might not work.

Only the most recent generation and apple ipod nano usb units of previous generations of the iPod line are applr from Apple for each model classic, nano, shuffle, touch.

USB Device Not Recognized with your iPod Nano

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 62, times. Will small size mean big sales? Purchase an Apple power adaptor. Does the apple ipod nano usb Shuffle i;od with the charger? Because the iPod Nano has a lightening connector.

Incorrect voltage or mismatched polarity can damage an electronic device; insufficient current will only result in insufficient power to operate or charge the device. They were updated when the fifth generation iPods were released, but were only available for a limited time.

After a bit of searching this morning I came across your posting. What generation would it be? In October a class action lawsuit was filed against Apple, with the plaintiffs seeking reimbursement for the device, legal fees, and “unlawful or illegal profits” from sales of apple ipod nano usb iPod Nano. The second-generation Nano featured scratch-resistant, anodized aluminum casing like the earlier Mini’s apple ipod nano usb the multiple color choices us those of the Mini as well.


Although not specifically designed as one, some accessory makers produced watchbands for the 6th generation Nano, allowing it to be worn like a watch. Hope this helps someone else out there.

Wow, is all I can say. Apple reports that you do not need to empty the battery and charge it all the way to preserve good battery function.

I was connecting my iPod to my computer to retrieve all my music as I was worried about battery drain. With everything reset ub your computer back on, plug in your iPod and see if you get the error.

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