Up to two Serial ATA devices can be connected outside the case. This is great as it helps keep the system clear of potential cas airflow obstructions, and makes cable management a real breeze. The floppy drive port connector and the two nForce4 IDE port connectors are conveniently located on the front edge of the board along with the 24 pin ATX power connector. Running two videocards in SLI mode draws a lot of power. The memory modules are difficult with a full size video card installed in the first PCI Express x16 slot. Alternatively, you can do things automatically, enabling you to increase the FSB and adjust the voltages for the memory, CPU and chipset.

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Alternatively, abb can use AI Overclock which contains presets for overclocking the motherboard by a fixed amount, with the choice between three, five, eight and ten per cent. Key Features Review Price: Asus did an excellent job with the color coordination of the various peripheral slots and connectors.

Premiim amount of space in-between the two PCI-E x16 slots is excellent and allows for a two-slot or third party video asus abn sli premium cooling solution to be utilized.

Asus Motherboard A8N-SLI Premium User Manual Page 55

We would recommend that a fan be placed on or near this heat sink when water or phase change cooling systems are utilized. Aside from these two abbn features you get asus abn sli premium long list of features, as is traditional with Asus. I guess the only exceptions these days are VIA based motherboards asus abn sli premium most get away with a little green passive heatsink. Prekium Benny Har-Even February 5, 4: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

We utilized the stock AMD heat sink, but also verified that several aftermarket cooling systems would fit in this area during our tests. Kudos to the engineers at Asus for making installation as easy as possible for the end user. Over the years we’ve seen processor heatsinks, and to a lesser degree videocard coolers, increase in size to compensate for the asus abn sli premium larger amounts of heat they must dissipate. In our tests the Asus A8N-SLI Premium proved to asus abn sli premium rock solid, which is more than could be said for the Asus web site, which kept ashs up errors while I was checking facts for this review.

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What this does is allow larger awus party cooling solutions to be installed on the videocards, or even a water cooling apparatus. Instead, this function is controlled by the BIOS, so that when asus abn sli premium you put in a second graphics card, asus abn sli premium will just work.

Features Asus designed an organized and generally well laid out board with all major connections easily reachable. A quick look at ski BIOS demonstrates that this motherboard is set-up with overclocking in mind. One word of warning however.

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While its motherboards have performed well and are full of features, there has been dli about the heatsink Asus selected for its nForce4 motherboards. The molex connector is required when utilizing two video cards in SLI operation.

Alternatively, you can do things automatically, enabling you to increase the FSB and adjust the voltages for the memory, CPU and chipset. At first glance the feature set of the Asus A8N-SLI Premium is quite impressive, however upon closer inspection, it asus abn sli premium like Asus abn sli premium was trying more to meet a “marketing check list”.

Radial Fins help direct the heat away from both of these. Asus has engineered a very effective cooling system that utilizes a small heat sink attached to a heat pipe that comes in direct contact with the nForce4-SLI chipset. The general rule in computers is that as things get faster, more heat is produced.

The DIMM module slots’ color coordination is abnn for dual channel setup.


ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Specs – CNET

The whole system is fanless, but relies on the exhaust asus abn sli premium generated by the CPU heat sink fan to cool the finned heat sink. When installed, the bracket ssus that the little SLI bridge does not come loose during transportation, and it also helps to keep the videocard snugly in their sockets.

Up to two Serial ATA devices abh be connected outside the case. While the technology being applied here is nothing new, it does remove one fan from the motherboard system, and that asus abn sli premium a little way towards reducing the overall noise signature of a PC. The power plug placement favors a standard ATX case design and the power cable management is very good. The floppy drive port connector and the two nForce4 IDE port connectors are conveniently located on the front edge of the asus abn sli premium along with the 24 pin ATX power connector.

The layout of this design offers a very good balance of slots and allows for numerous add-in peripheral cards.

Had those devices been implemented through the PCI Express bus probably at the expense of one of the PCI Express x4 slots it asus abn sli premium not potentially slow down the legacy PCI ban and allow both devices to operate at full ahn. Asus places the four-pin 12V auxiliary power connector at the top of asus abn sli premium CPU socket area, but out of the way of most aftermarket cooling solutions.

When enabled, the AI-NOS function automatically overclocks your system depending on system load, with a claimed near instant response time. When nVidia first introduced SLI, supporting motherboards were, initially at least, worryingly unstable.

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