My suggestion would me to fill some of the more key slots with higher quality stuff like 6-PW and maybe a 54 degree wedge or something. The guy that started this thread said he wanted to upgrade. IMO Pinemeadows are not an upgrade from Topflites. This is one of those wedges. Just like Pinemeadow wedge before it, this is cheap and effective.

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I completely understand about not wanting to spend a lot.

PineMeadow or other Clone clubs?

The problem here is with the sand – its useless in wet sand. Mind you, they are not violating any copywrite laws any more than generic brands are in the grocery store.

They cater to people new to golf who want to experiment to find a set of clubs that works well for their game at a reasonable cost and that deliver dollops of fun while they are at it. Strip the best Cleveland wedges of their specialized qualities, and this is what you get–a stripped down version of the best.

It comes in a number of configurations, giving you the choice between 50, 52, 54, 56, and degree lofts. Now there’s a win win situation for you. All you have to do is look. Additionally, the whole wedge is designed to place most of the weight around the edges of the club, which promotes consistency and greater forgiveness.

By iacasJanuary 2, in Golf Talk. Pimemeadow have nothing to offer me here. I have no problem with these sites and I frequented them and used them I was younger and less serious. Still, others are tailor-made to work wonders on specific lies, while still being used on others. The club head on sand wedges is usually heavier, so that you can hit sand wedge shots fat—that if the ball is buried or mired in sand, you can effectively dig it out on the swing.


Signing up is freeand you’ll see fewer ads and can talk with fellow golf enthusiasts! Posted May 13, More weight on the head, means you have the advantage of greater speed; if the weight is around the edges of the head, then you have an ability to swing through terrain with more ease and comfort without sacrificing distance. The gap wedge is similar to the pitching wedge in uses, but it features a slightly higher loft angle—usually at around 52 degrees.

This particular golf wedge by Wilson comes equipped with modified bounce angles to offer you versatility in the rough, the fairway, or even the sand. You might be thinking that the other Cleveland one on the list is the only wedge worth buying so far! I have been playing golf for a few months now and have been making strides in getting better.

Buy Best Golf Wedge Sets Online – Pinemeadow Golf

These distances typically range from 40 to 60 yards. Cost and Value You know what they say–you get what you pay for. I think they pinemearow an excellent option on a budget. So in this part I would say that you can get some really good deals. Now that is my 9 iron.

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On occasion I take a set to the range to see how well I hit them. The other one is using various online fitting quizes and pinemfadow an idea of what suites you better for example pinemeadow’s online fitting system is ok but the best one IMO is PING’s. However, I’ve had the PM clubs since May ofI can hit my PM 8 iron pretty darn straight most of the time, and it flies yards.

IMO Pinemeadows are not an upgrade from Pjnemeadow.

Best Golf Wedges Reviewed & Rated for Quality and Performance

Good on uphill targets but not so good on a flat links. We’d love to have you! On my bad shots I got significantly more distance and loft then on my old set.

I have had very good results with them as well. I may have the AMF irons melted down, as they are so bad it would be a crime against humanity to sell them to some sucker.

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