The Program The ovulation computers are programmed to accurately determine and display the time of ovulation in the female body. Your cart Your cart is empty. Each woman has her own menstrual cycle. Adjust the brightness and volume of your device and even pick your alarm melody. How does the Lady-Comp work? Based on this, the Lady-Comp will know your cycle. If you are fertile, the computer will display a red light.

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The Star among the cycle como. It is and feels natural and after a few months it already became a habit. I had been cas for so long, but with your product I made it. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. They are a reflection of women taking a proactive, informed and sensible approach to their own body awareness, which includes effective contraception!

I only share my own experience. Luckily, I have also been off the pill for a very long time now.

Buy Lady-Comp and Baby-Comp fertility monitors online

Your ladiess is empty. The Lady-Comp thus gives more red days than the app I was using. You want to more easily conceive a baby when you are ready to.

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No side effects and free from hormones. Adjust the brightness and volume of your device and even pick your alarm melody.

Lady-Comp makes tracking your cycle easy. The best natural birth control ever! View your fertility for the day. The Lady-Comp has been sold for over 25 years and is used worldwide in 30 countries.

My experience with the Lady-Comp after 1 year (non-hormonal birth control)

I felt that the pill mimicked my cycle and my body had laadies find her way to get back in balance. Every Lady-Comp is programmed with decades worth of natural family planning research data, contains a database of more than 1 million cycles and uses bio-mathematical forecasting calculations as well as the very latest computer programming.

Ovulation causes a slight, but noticeable rise in body temperature. The alternatives Fortunately, non-hormonal birth control alternatives are an option, such as the condom and a copper spiral. I was taking birth control pills for about 9 years and had started to notice many side-effects.

As easy as 1, 2, 3! These two methods gave quite the same results, with the only difference that the Lady-Comp is more cautious.

Wake up – Measure – Done: However, the timing of ovulation can vary from cycle to cycle. If I have mentioned something wrong or if you have a question, I would like to know!

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After about 60 seconds your temperature will appear on the screen. Ladycomp Baby, for the Lady who wants simplicity, is trying or knows she will try to get pregnant one day, and would like all available Ladycomp planning technology at her fingertips and immediate Because I was having some pimples, the pill was the como to go. Login Contact Us Data Analysis. This ladiees is not sponsored and I am not a doctor.

Pocket-sized for convenience to always have your cycle computer wherever you go.

Pearl Index of 0. Hotspots in Rome, Italy June 30, The Lady-Comp is so safe that in my case it will show a red light for 10 days and then we also have our monthly period these days are green ….

Based on this, the Lady-Comp will know your cycle.

The fertile days will be red colored.

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