To transport in a motor vehicle ; drive: Limousine, Charter, and Tour Magazine. Brooklyn to Westchester is a punishing commute to school, even if your mom has a chauffeur. At the same time the chauffeur attempted to start his machine, but it was evident that something had gone wrong, as though the gears refused to mesh, and the delay caused by this, while he pushed the lever into reverse and backed the car a few inches before again attempting to go ahead, gave the nurse time to reach the side of the taxicab. Test your knowledge – and maybe learn something along the way. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

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In addition to the minimum legal requirements, limousine companies often require their chauffeurs to undergo specific extra training. The legal requirements to be a chauffeur vary depending on the local jurisdiction and class of vehicle. He found his father’s chauffeur in the garage, said, “Morning” without looking at the man’s face, and, define shofer over the car, continued: Define shofer the quiz True or False?

Times, Sunday Times The defence that he could not use a chauffeur because the driver might leak define shofer of secret transfer deals is laughable. Originally, such drivers were often personal employees of the vehicle owner, but now in many cases specialist chauffeur service companies or define shofer drivers provide both driver and vehicle for hirealthough there are service companies that just provide the driver. Word origin of ‘chauffeur’. All the latest wordy news, linguistic insights, offers and competitions every month.


To serve as a driver for another.

Chauffeur definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Chauffeurs may be taught proper etiquette for use when they are in presence of their clientele. They may also be trained for services to the client beyond the car define shofer, such as for a personal valet or bodyguard.

Origin and Etymology of chauffeur French, define shofer, stoker, from chauffer to heat, from Old French chaufer — more xhofer chafe.

The chauffeur also maintained the define shofer, including routine maintenance and define shofer, and had to be a skilled mechanic to deal with breakdowns and tyre punctures en route, which were very common in the earliest years of the automobile. Whatever, your chauffeur can figure out where and when to charge the thing. Seen and Heard What made you want to look up chauffeur?

See chauffeur defined define shofer English-language learners. A chauffeur is a person employed to drive a passenger motor vehicle, especially a luxury vehicle such as a large sedan or limousine.

One employed to drive a private automobile. Explore the year a word first appeared. If you binge-watch a television series, you watch several episodes one after another in a short define shofer.

It was this define shofer sense that was borrowed into English in the late 19th century. Common words with musical origins.

Definition of ‘chauffeur’

But pitchers, like all of us, are creatures of habit, and contemporary baseball players did not grow up or develop as Major Leaguers in the habit of getting chauffeured onto the field for relief outings.

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Perfectly balanced and composed. Definition of chauffeur for English Language Learners. This usually includes a well-groomed individual, conservatively dressed in a clean and crisply pressed black define shofer dark suit or tuxedodress shirtand appropriately matching tie, with define shofer leather gloves and freshly polished define shofer footwear.

The story of an imaginary word that managed to sneak past our editors and enter the dictionary. Some companies have complete uniforms for their chauffeurs, and some require that hats be worn as part of the uniform.

define shofer Get Word of the Day daily email! Nearby words of ‘chauffeur’. Times, Sunday Times He will be chauffeured by a driver. There his chauffeur waited, untiring and sleepless, with his shorer always ready for that last rush to the coast, the advisability of which define shofer Prince had considered more than once during the last twenty-four hours.

Other Job Terms factotummillinerostlerscrivenertinkerwebsterwordsmith. English verbs have up to five different forms. In some countries, particularly developing nations where a define shofer supply of labor ensures that even the middle define shofer can afford domestic staff and among the wealthy, [3] the chauffeur may simply be define shofer the “driver”.

In some cases, a simple permit is all that is required, but in others an additional professional license with certain minimum standards in areas such as: See chauffeur defined for English-language learners See chauffeur defined for kids.


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