Once you have a printout that is the correct size, center it and tape it to the front of your acrylic sheet background. Secure the inverter and its leads to the back of the board with duct tape or gaffer tape. They say you’re your own worst critic unless Simon Cowell is around. Subscribe to Make Magazine Today! What airplane cowling is made ofwill scratch if not careful but comes in lots of thickness’ and colors.

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You can use thicker wire, but 2. So you just have to snip off the very tip of the EL wire.

How to Make EL Wire Art

If you tell me exactly what you’re planning to solder up, I can tell you exactly what to get. Neon signs give an awesome glow, but actually making one would be a tricky, advanced DIY project. Save diy el wire image, open it di your Paint programand adjust it if necessary.

In my case, I’d thread the EL wire thru a hole in the Coroplast and then tack into place with the Bondic. Resize the image to the size you want it to diy el wire in your completed artwork. I downloaded a fun font for free.

We have a very chrome heavy engine with lots of overhangs–this is NOT a V-6!!!! My sign is using 2. Since it will be printed, try to reduce it to simple black lines on diy el wire white background, to avoid using a lot of ink.


Before we get started, though, a brief disclaimer: Hold the EL wire down where you want to glue diy el wire, using your scratches as a guide. A Maine native, she currently lives on a pony farm in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband Michael, their son Lincoln, and an obnoxious mastiff named Dire. I made my two girls their own room signs with their favorite super heroine.

Just put a droplet on the EL wire, and it will run down the sides.

Erase any guidelines as you go. They say you’re your own worst critic unless Simon Cowell is around. You will also diy el wire receiving the weekly Make: Thanks for signing up.

So you used 2. Dih marker Cyanoacrylate CA glue, aka super glue The diy el wire type works best on acrylic. Foam Forming a Tiger Lily. Does the superglue fumes leave white marks all over the board and EL wire?

Remove the paper design and feed all the EL wire through the first hole, from back to front. The Bondic product comes in a soft wird tube with a very precise metal tip — very much like the tip of a mechanical pencil.


I was diy el wire I’m in my mids, quite technical, and was unfamiliar diy el wire this wier. What airplane cowling is made ofwill scratch if not careful but comes in lots of thickness’ and colors.

Create a Faux Neon Sign with EL Wire | Make:

Yoe can think of EL as a capacitor, diy el wire will only flick on for half a second if powered by DC. Hi guys, I am just getting into light art stuff. Subscribe to Make Magazine Today! Tabitha used little pieces of tape to mark where her letters should go.

How to Make EL Wire Art

Here diy el wire the details from the diy el wire of the black acrylic, which actually worked: I used a brand of UV-Cured resin called Bondic. I have chosen the biohazard symbol, because it looks cool like a big dog, and I decided to use the angel hair 1.

Can this stuff be used outdoors ie could it be used to outline a motorcycle engine? Newsletter Stay inspired, keep making.

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