This is before the Nvidia driver for FreeBSD, so you answer is probably it’s not going to work at all. If you do decide to try this stuff, my ports might help: My recollection was that OpenBSD code was actually quite polished, and even elegant in lots of places. Thanks for clearing that up. It is simply bad design to keep adding un-toggleable “security” mechanisms, like being unable to directly script password logins and the like. So all in all, it boils to what you need.

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When Nvidia produces a new device, its drivers are released almost at the same time for all platforms: If I say Bob took a shit, that is a factual observation. Because most users don’t need it anyway. In many thread like that it sounded like Radeon support was pretty much loose and most of times AMD GPUs were discouraged, especially for 3D acceleration, whereas Nvidia was suggested as better replacement.

I’d be happy to show them to you. Someone hands me a list of servers, user accounts and passwords to get a bunch of files from. They also produced what I think were easily the best and most complete manpages out there. Nowadays, other than the ncidia ARM problem, or esoteric reversing challenge, everything is Linux. Speaking of Linux, for me, Nvidia nvudia driver got along much better with some Linux distros than others. Was this review helpful?

OpenBSD’s doesn’t help too much in the portability department. Dgagonfly Posted by jggimi The i system was the only one I downloaded, as I wanted to test it on an Atom N system that is not bit capable before migrating to another platform. Which I think I’m going to code up for the next time I end up doing something like this probably alongside “use JSON for remote rsync file specifications”.


My recollection was that OpenBSD code was actually quite polished, and even elegant in lots of places. In case where multiple versions of a package are shipped with a distribution, only the default version appears in the table. Some people don’t understand that it isn’t up for discussion.


Speaking of amdgpu driver, are you referring to radeon and xfvideo-ati or the currentlly under mantainement xfvideo-amdgpu?

Dragonfoy won’t get any office package, browser or special software out-of-the-box. Tutorial on reddit’s bsc rules. We even don’t have kernel cragonfly, so they can’t be loaded. There’s a port of Linux Steam-Native for FreeBSD on github but hasn’t been mantained lately and currently dows not build, unless you fetch every library manually.

Until recently there was also a nouveau portbut it’s not mantained any longer and doesn’t bzd on FBSD The entire login is still dependent on a non-protocol bit of text parsing.

Thanks ; Anyway, I was speaking of debate around Nouveau and the possibility to port it, though I’m not the one who would ever be able to do that, and given my hardware, I’m pretty much satisfied with nv. I never been able to get DragonFly to successfully install on any machine I have so I can’t tell you 1st hand how Nvidia cards work in general on DragonFly.


That day may eventually arrivebut it is not yet here. Part of why I ask is that I dug through their github page, and found nvidia-settings, but not the FreeBSD driver itself. I don’t imagine those drivers would work on BSD, because of the different kernel?

I think your recommendation of Ubuntu LTS is probably correct for people that want the least amount of hassle to play video games on Linux, but at the same time. We don’t allow binary blobs.

How’s the [Nvidia] driver support compared to Linux? : BSD

I saw on phoronix that the Radeon driver had been ported to DragonFly: I know there there were others for whom that played no small part in their loss of interest in the project. Since there’s been debate about that in the past,I just said ‘many reason’. Neither have nouveau anymore. Sticking with linux until I can see if I can get dragonfly working on my laptop.

Find all posts by roddierod. In particular FreeBSD ddagonfly is so abysmal, once you plug it to the internet you can’t really say is your computer anymore.


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