See this page for forcing static configurations in your xorg. Comment 15 Geoff N I havn’t yet downloaded the driver to search for the piece of code which is changing the register. I might need that patch still unless you know of another Device parameter if the customer’s KVM doesn’t offer the signalling mentioned above. After upgrading to Fedora core 8 with the latest driver 6. Do you have an up-to-date version of xrandr?

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The second monitor still had no signal.

Tarball of several Xorg. Can we force VGA-0 in xorg. Unfortunately, this doesn’t solve the problem with the washed out.

I tried with the original xorg-xdrv-ati So, the default after boot up seems to displag correct. I’ve attached the BIOS as requested. Not the actual monitor Dell EFP as for the front connected scenario. Displsy regards, Adalbert Comment 17 Alex Deucher Primary monitor is fine. Looking into the available register description, the main reason for the faulty display is the DAC output standard. This fits also to the settings seen under Windows.


– Display is washed out on 2nd monitor – ATI ES chipset

Comment 7 Geoff N Output VGA-1 using initial mode x The driver is not able to detect a monitor attached to the second output so it does not turn the output on. Try running xrandr from xterm or gnome-terminal or whatever X terminal app you are using. As Goeff has show in his register reading, the default after starting the driver is 0x Most xinit scripts should take care of this.

Comment 36 Geoff N Each computing blade has a VGA connector on the blade this is the primary and a Rear-transition module with another VGA connector this is the secondary. Comment 6 Geoff N I did some investigations under Windows XP to see, how the register settings are here.

Comment 3 Geoff N Hi Alex, I uploaded the config file as well as the log file. See this displqy for forcing static configurations in your xorg.

ATI ES1000

Best regards, Adalbert Comment 20 Alex Deucher You also have cases like DVI-I where you don’t know whether the attached monitor is digital or analog and hence which encoder to driver the connector with. I did a diff on the settings for FC5 and Displwy as follows using radeontool: The monitor with the bleached out look stays on.


Radeontool registers after applying patch 2. The system I am using is a blade enclosure.

I can provide a patch if you like. View All Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc.

If you want it to be dynamic though, you really need to use xrandr. You can either force a static config in your xorg. Comment 1 Alex Deucher I have been using a KVM for my tests. Diisplay, there are two VGA ports defined.

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