The avatar is now displayed in My Avatars. Picture Mode English 2. I have a webcam, when I installed the software, it is asking me to key in the password, what is the password? Move the slider to adjust the audio quality. Attach the selected image file to an Email file email. Crazytalk Camsuite You can download a variety of avatar content from the Reallusion website or create your own avatar from a photo using CrazyTalk Avatar Creator. Click My Emotions and you can see the content which you have purchased from the Reallusion website or create by CrazyTalk Avatar Creator.

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Make sure the genius look 110 camera is connected to the USB port at the back of your computer. Attach the selected image file to an Email file email.

It is brand new, I bought it from Amazon, how do I get a genis In an auto stereoscopic display, the image will auto digital zoom. Page 47 Plug in a genius look 110 and your avatar can lip-sync whatever you say instantly. Check your webcam spec. Adjust the color balance manually.

English Type in the text.


Genius Look – web camera Overview – CNET

As for the target for tracking, please refer to Setting. Page genius look 110 English Brush Size: It can also record anytime until the HD is full. Page 26 English Background Mask Editing: The control point 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the key to control the facial mesh morphing.

English Avatar Selecting an Emotion You can add emotive animations to your genius look 110 so that you can convey any expression you want during a messenger video conference.

Add virtual teeth and adjust the teeth.

Main Menu 2. Avatar Creator Greeting Card You can create a greeting card with a talking image, personalized gwnius, and special effects. Main Menu English 1. Page 52 Double-click any emotion in the More Emotions dialog, your avatar will show the emotion instantly. Animate any person, genius look 110, or illustration with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator’s easy-to-use professional editing tools.

Page 37 English pages, and.

English Item Mode Description Resolution selections according to device. Security Mode Security monitoring mode.

If yes, turn off the function. Genius look 110 Mode Description Shot Still image capture mode. NOTE The web camera can work genuis with any video chat software that supports a video feature.

Video Mode English 3. Besides, you can also add, remove or genius look 110 comic effects to modify the contents in the Comic Favorite library.


GENIUS LOOK 110 Manual

Video Mode You can record real-time video in this section. Automatically playback the card as it is opened. Genius look 110 the slider to adjust the strength of the model’s expression. Page 56 To delete an avatar, fenius the avatar and click the Delete button.

Follow the genius look 110 sample image at the genius look 110 side to place the 4 points for the fitting process. Crazytalk Avatar Creator Animate any person, animal, or illustration with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator’s easy-to-use professional editing tools. To use the Comic Effect features: What is license key? Page 42 Use the Background Mask Editing button and spread out the background using the brush and clear tools.


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