Physically installing the card is usually straightforward — just be careful with the little antenna connectors. The whole whitelisting thing seems crazy. The laptop should be fully powered off and unplugged. The white wire should be for an additional MIMO antenna. If I would to replace it with an card with two antenna connections. September 30, at

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Replacing the old wireless card mini-cqrd your laptop is a relatively cheap upgrade, but can save hours of hassle when you have to work with weak WiFi signals.

April 18, at 6: June 24, at 3: Leave a Reply Cancel Your email address will not be published. It going to be easier in most cases to buy something like this online.

Upgrade your Intel AGN, WiFi Link or wireless card

X comes with 3 antenna wires, black, grey, and white. An alternative is to just ignore it.

mini-xard April 21, at 3: Similarly, some wireless cards will have two antenna connectors, and some have three. I looked online for what could be causing the heat, and there was the wifi card. March 2, at 4: You can usually prise off the antenna leads on the old card with fingernails, and clip them on to the new card with fingers and thumbs.


I think it should work. For Windows 10 compatibility, the list of available Intel cards is even more narrow.

I can understand maybe if some manufacturers do it to cut down on support costs, but still…. Some people have had driver problems with this card, but others have it working ok. A couple of important points: Choosing which card to replace your AGN with will depend on your hardware, and also whether drivers are available for your infel of Windows etc.

April 17, at April mii-card, at 2: September 19, at 2: Alternatively, while radio power levels involved in typical wireless cards are quite low even compared to mobile phones, if you feel that you may be sensitive to radio frequencies, you can choose a lower setting here. Genuine fake or Fake fake? I recently bought a used p, and immediately noticed that it got terribly hot underneath the trackpad.

February 24, at 1: Only downside is that I have to use only ONE antenna wire instead of two only the black antenna wire can reach the actual antenna connector on the half-mini card; the white antenna wire was just mini-cxrd 1cm short of reaching any connectors on the wifi card. Also, I actually ordered a Dell specific version of the Intel agn wifi card dell pn: July 16, at 7: Be aware that you may encounter more connection problems if the transmit power is set too low.


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Good thing I 4965atn upon this page. Follow Zipso posts on. June 24, at 1: Currently, I believe the sweet spot to buy is Intel In theory, you should be able to use any appropriate-fitting wireless card, but in practice, there are some caveats. You will probably need a small Philips-style screwdriver to open the WiFi compartment. After the new card is in place, restart your laptop, wait until it recognizes or not.

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