I am not a spammer, just a really upset user who now distrusts the administration of this site. Intel IV wired ethernet not working Good question considering I am currently using both but no that doesn’t help. Intel ethernet connection i v xp driver Microsofts Surface Pro 3 would outsourcing vice-president and general manager, astronomers, its of keen interest. Download software and drivers. I believe I offered a solution that no one else has on this thread. Don’t remember the terminal command but it did show as forcing it down on the lights on the ethernet switch so worked as advertised but didn’t fix the connection.

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Intel IV wired ethernet not working The new lines when trying that are. Add to Compare Compare Now. Intel IV contropler ethernet not working Background: To compile the ee driver that I think I found as the right one for. All drivers available for download have been scanned.

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I spent hours on the phone with the isp, installed a second connection to another isp and eventually found that it was the Intel IV NIC causing a problem.

Previous Page of Next. Product and Performance Information This feature may not be available on all computing systems. Intel IV wired ethernet not working We’re you able to compile the newer version? Quick web search for “Intel iv linux” would have led you to. Intel IV wired ethernet not working Is this helpful? June 3rd, 7. When I first put the PC together a few days ago I put Linux on it first and it had the same issue so not related to windows dual-boot.


To try applying static IPv4 addresses. I originally tried to create gibabit comment but policy denied me. That ethernnet suspiciously like a bad UTP cable. Also as a curiosity I tried disconnecting the router that is working as the internet gateway from the switch to see if that would change the results below and it didn’t have any effect. I can test for connection, cable and hardware. Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links.

If the cable is home-made the RJ45 connectors might be cramped on badly or mis-wired.

Please select a comparable product or clear existing items before adding this product. June 3rd, 1. June 3rd, 8.

I have updated my network card drivers. Since this doesn’t yet have any active programs or personal data attached I am willing to do whatever is needed and destructive changes aren’t an issue. Timo89 In that case, please provide an answer saying that.


Functionality, performance, and other benefits of this feature may vary depending on system configuration. It does recognize the physical cable being connected or not and displays what I assume are normal notifications for that. The item selected cannot be compared to the items already added to compare.

Let us know if this works! June 3rd, 6. Tech leaders discuss the power of connecting billions.

[SOLVED] Intel IV wired ethernet not working

Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Package J217 Package Size. I got and installed the latest Intel iv driver but it hasn’t changed things. You may compare a maximum of four products at a time.


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