You may also select the language of this utility by choosing from the Language list. Appendix A Realtek Alc Audio All the components shown here will be selected to be installed by default. Check the disk in the list if you want to make the array a dynamic disk, then click Next. YY This allows you to set the system to the date that you want usually the current date. Click Yes to restart your computer or click No to restart it later.

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Check the disk in the list if you want to make the array a dynamic disk, then click Next.

Serial Ata Ii Connectors: Pull the lever s ideways away 90 degree Plate from the socket. Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Always read the safety instructions carefully. This would be the disk that will be designated to nneo mirror array. Headphone for the common headphone b. Page 74 M S M ainboard 3.

Installing Ddrii Modules Save Reset The settings are saved 10 bands of equalizer permanently for future would go back to the de- fault setting Select the Noise Suppres- sion to remove the possible noise during recording, or select Acoustic Echo Cancelltion to cancel the acoustic echo druing recording.

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Safety Instructions Always read the safety instructions carefully. Disable front panel jack detection option Find no function on front panel jacks?


W hen you select Load Optimized Defaults, a message as below appears: The openings on the enclosure are for air convection hence protects js-7260 equip- ment from overheating. Viewing Raid Array Configurations Chassis Intrusion Switch Connector: M S M ainboard Halt On The setting determines whether the system will stop if an error is detected at boot. Mixer M S M ainboard Mixer In the Mixer part, you may adjust the volumes of the rear and front panels individually.

M S M ainboard Chassis Intrusion The ms-77260 enables or disables the feature of recording the chassis intrusion status and issuing a warning message if the chassis is once opened. You can differentiate the color of the audio jacks for different audio sound effects. For example, assuming you have a two disk RAID 1 array, and one of the drives fail, then you need the lost data on the newly added drive. Lay this equipment on a reliable flat surface before setting it up.

Then push it in until the golden finger on the memory module is msj inserted in the socket. Bios Setting Password The nneo you select will light up m-7260 make testing sound. From the Free Disk Selection page, select one of the two free disks available.


Nvidia System Driver Installation Page 70 M S M ainboard Equalizer Selection Equalizer frees users from default settings; users may create their owned preferred settings by utilizing this tool.

MSI K9N Neo Series MS-7260 Manuals

Important Notification About Power Issue Hardware Setup Important Notification about Power Issue NForce chipset is very sensitive to ESD Electrostatic Dischargetherefore this issue mostly happens while the users intensively swap memory modules under S5 power-off states, and the power code is plugged while installing modules.

The eno of the field will automatically return to [Enabled] later.

Page M S M ainboard 5. Click Yes to restart your computer or click No to restart it later.

The Optimized Defaults are the default values set by the mainboard manufacturer specifically for optimal performance of the mainboard. Pci peripheral Component Interconnect Express Slots The memory module has only one notch on the center and will only fit in the right orientation.


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