If checked, the QODBC optimizer will use other tables to re-sync tables, however, this will slow down performance. Microsoft Access or Borland Delphi can be used to merge QuickBooks Accounting data with other data sources to produce complex reports, or to run mass file updates based on multiple criteria. The browse button … will let you choose your QuickBooks company file from the folder it is in. Real Time is the previous method used. Optimizer Tab Use Optimizer brings some data to a local cache to increase retrieval performance for queries.

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Program anomalies will be addressed at no charge and updaters posted on our web site. You can view the Readme file for the list of all the latest features in the current version of QODBC and download the latest updater should you be using an older version of the driver.

QODBC is normally a client side product that would reside on the workstations with QuickBooks and the application it is to be used with. Useful for programmers who want to test that their data has successfully been written to QuickBooks.

You can begin to use it immediately, because it will immediately run as a 30 day evaluation version. The data will be stored in a file in this folder with a name similar to the company file name. QuickBooks does not support writing to all areas of the accounting database, some areas are protected.

Tools for QuickBooks – Where do you want your QuickBooks Data Today?

If checked, the QODBC optimizer will use other tables to re-sync tables, however, this will slow down performance. QODBC still does not support transactions but simulates the turning on and off of transactions.


Make sure the log is turned off when not needed as these logs can use up large amounts of disk space. Prior to SDK v3 the other multi-sync tables did not exists so using real data for those fields is safer. If not, congratulations — you have created your first report from QuickBooks data and are ready to talk to your own company data. If your reporting needs require the latest up to the minute data and speed is not the primary focus use this default setting.

Test Connection to QuickBooks will determine if you have a proper installation and settings with QuickBooks and a company file open. All customers can obtain free technical support via our Support Ticket System. Synchronizing only occurs when you manually run it by pressing the Load Update Data. The data can be converted as needed by your programs.

Anything that uses the Java ODBC library, like ColdFusion, requires this option turned on or recordsets will be returned with no rowsets or only 1 rowset. Display Optimizer Status Panel will display the progress of optimization on the data, this is especially helpful on large data files being reloaded in their entirety.

The farther down the list you go the less synchronization will occur and your queries will run much faster, but will be using less current data than the company file itself. This is what our product uses to access QuickBooks data.

QODBC Different Editions – Tools for QuickBooks

Switch to previous version. There may be instances in which you want an integrated application designed to share data with QuickBooks to access QuickBooks files automatically, without user intervention.

End user customers can use wizards and mail merge capabilities in Windows standard qoebc to merge QuickBooks data in their daily routine with just a few mouse clicks. Similar to version 7. Real Time is the previous method used. If you do not have internet access to activate the product, you can use the phone option to supply your reseller or distributor with the information to activate the product for you. Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI and Microsoft PowerQuery Added support for inner join query to work without the need of using parentheses when more than two tables are being joined.


QuickBooks is a 32 bit application, so in order to communicate with it, a 32 bit ODBC driver is required.

Best of all, this driver is transparent and works in exactly the same fashion of ODBC drivers from other vendors. Click on the Install program from within Windows to install the driver.

QODBC Driver for QuickBooks – Main Product Page

These fields help some development environments get data from long fields that would not be able to otherwise. Please contact one of our sales team to discuss your requirements further Since you are about to install a ODBC driver, you will need administrative privileges to perform the installation.

Iterator or Chunk Size determines the size of the rowsets that are retrieved from QuickBooks. Keep my optimized data up to date as of when you choose the optimizer to synchronize itself with your Company data.


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