The only thing similar may be it’s darkish yellow lighting and it’s relatively size, and even it that department the Krait seems to be pushing it. The download for the Krait drivers was automated and i didn’t have to do a thing. I was moving this thing at F1 speeds for testing. This is probably the only real issue i have with the mouse – its not for people with large hands. The optical sensor is pretty neat – it tracks well and seems to respond consistently on a number of different surfaces.

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Razer Krait 2013 quick review

I’m assuming the reason they are not available so readily is that Razer just razer krait 2013 something at a cheaper price point for that market. The scroll wheel however, requires quite a good amount of force to press. I don’t see it having a side button though for cost reasons.

The thinnest point the middle is 59mm.

Review – Razer Krait |

Compared to the Kinzu v2 scroll, it stops at every juncture slightly more. The Macro section has some nice ideas as razer krait 2013.

The optical sensor is pretty neat – it tracks well and seems to respond consistently on a number of different surfaces. Compared with Razer’s previous mice, the plasticky feel definitely is a turn off.

It’s not the smooth matte surface found on the old Deathadders. People with smaller hands MAY razer krait 2013 this more comfortable, but I can only speak from my perspective.

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The AM is an average sized mouse. Silicon Lottery Case Labs. Reply Page 1 of 2 1 2.

How does the glide feelcompare to the deathadder 4g ? This is the bit that i’m not a huge fan of, its great that razer provides a razer krait 2013 solution for my settings and macros.

raze It’s absolutely wonderful for my fingertip grip. If you not understand what i type say it and i edit it hopefully to more logic English. Theres not much we can do with the lighting, we can turn on and off the two independent zones: Though the Krait sat lonely by itself in a corner for over a week now, maybe it’s because of my initial dislike for it that discouraged me from wanting to review this mouse.

For reference as to hand size, my hand is approximately 19 cm razer krait 2013 the tip of my middle finger razer krait 2013 the base of my wrist.

Acceleration can also be adjusted via Synapse 2. Currently I don’t have the tools to measure the exact force required to press down on the key. This a pretty razer krait 2013 idea – as you razer krait 2013 define all the macros in the world and then use them with your mouse or any Razer product.

In general the tracking feels extremely smooth at all levels which lead me to believe that the S is running a DPI native sensor. The scroll wheel is smooth and at times felt quite light.

Razer Krait quick review – Page 4 – – An Overclocking Community

Some dislike the mousewheel on the Zowie mice, complaining that it’s loud and clunky and not smooth – but it’s superior in every way compared to the Razer krait 2013.


The wheel is noticeably thinner than many of their other mice i have had in the past.

However, Razer krait 2013 do find the need to be connected to the internet cumbersome in razer krait 2013 to change the settings on the mouse. The Synapse software separates the macro management from the actual mouse configuration. This mouse did not give me the same comfort I get while holding the Steelseries Kana and Logitech G1.

Tracking so far is one of the best I’ve seen on any mice, and at this price point, it’s pretty hard to beat. I prefer the Krait for its narrowness.

Razer Krait 2013 Full Review – (Pictures / Tests included)

But as the Krait is so slender and lite it is probably about right. The overall construction razer krait 2013 pretty good. The wheel doesn’t stand as high up from the surface of the mouse.

They’re hexagon patterned dots which feel just as slippery and cheap as the body of the mouse itself.


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