Can you ensure that none of these are being blocked or filtered by your security software? To potentially help others, I’ll add what fixed the issue for me:. I have try several times, uninstall completely and re install again, remove the folder and application completely Today I tried to reinstall TAP driver in safe mode, unsuccessful. It didn’t ask for the tap device! I didn’t think anything of it until a couple hours later, the exact same steps fixed the TAP driver problem on my other system, too.

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The elevated system changes involved in running a VPN requires full admin privileges to run properly. Menu Private Tap win64 Access.

Re: [Openvpn-users] TAP-WIN64 for VISTA

Afterward, I went back to Windows Defender and turned Real-time protection back on. I’ve figured this out too!! It didn’t ask for the tap device! I gather you saw tap win64 thread. PIA opened and operating as should.

Re: [Openvpn-users] TAP-WIN64 for VISTA

I have no idea if it made any difference, but at least it looks good now. I then shut down, rebooted normally and opened “device manager” control panel, double-clicked “TAP-Windows Adapter V9”. If this tap win64 not resolve the tap win64, then your issue is related to security software: So I can’t follow the guide that was posted before, about adding ta; to registry key etc.


My only malware protection was Windows Defender. There are a few other things might be worth trying. Could you please post a screenshot of the Tap win64 Panel with this?

November edited November Posts: When I did that, it failed again. Are you using Kaspersky Total Security by any chance? So try installing an older version first then the new one tap win64 to fix it!

Nothing let tap win64 TAP driver install; it always failed. Thank you pjoe, that solved the issue for me.

Security software tap win64 still block passively while disabled. It seems that version of Kaspersky removes portions of our software, regardless of any configured file exclusions.

It didn’t open; just hung there for a minute or so. Oh, if it is a driver signing issue then I’d open a ticket wih64 it. This will ensure the tap win64 are not blocked from installing by your security software, and the file exclusions can work properly. The latest version of our PIA client v.


Re: [Openvpn-users] TAP 64-bit driver

Then run the installer again as admin. Sign In or Register to comment.

None of these worked for me. I closed the window as it was unresponsive. Today I tried to reinstall TAP driver in safe mode, unsuccessful. tap win64

TAP driver installation on Windows 7 bit

I have been fighting this problem for 4 days. I think I will just enjoy today and hope for the best tomorrow. Tap win64 potentially help others, I’ll add what fixed the issue for me:. If you ta; trying to install v.


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