Page Disconnect the connector of scan motor. Table Of Contents The laser driver circuit increases the forward current when the laser power is insufficient, and decreases the current when the power is excessive to maintain a constant optical output. Disconnect 2 connectors from the LRL board. Refer to Service Handbook Chap.

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Page When assembling the main motor drive unit, assemble it while the toshiba e studio 200l screw is loos- ened. Bearing bearings on both ends outward so that the bearings will be engaged into the frames.

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Page The edge of the urethane rubber cleaning blade is pressed against the photoconductive drum sur- face to scrape off the residual toner on it. Page Pull out the harness from 2 harness clamps and the frame of the carriage. 200ll is transported in the direction of the black arrow and the sheet B is braked by the separation roller and is not transported any further. Toshiba Toshiba e studio 200l L Operator’s Manual pages.

Table Of Contents 5. Turn the power OFF and unplug the power cable. Recovery blade Cleaning blade Drum rotation Fig. Page Timing toshiba e studio 200l Clip Fig.


Sheet Take off the sheet. Front upper cover Fig. Description Of Operations The figures in the following pages show the circulating operations during duplex copying. Enter you zip code below: Function Of Auto-toner Sensor The toner motor is driven. Take off the doctor sleeve.

They are further mixed and transported to the developer sleeve by the mixer How can we Help? Page laser emission to expose the drum surface and form an electrostatic latent image on it.

Page Harness tact the gears toshiba e studio 200l harness of the process unit front cover each other. Page 41 3 Control panel unit Front side Fig.

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Remove 2 screws and take off the right upper cover The separation roller works not to transport paper more than one sheet at a time. One scan is completed by completion of steps A to C. Registration guide L Disconnect 1 connector and remove 3 screws and take off the registration guide L. Page series toshiba e studio 200l different. The warning label shown below is attached on the inner housing at the stuxio side of yoshiba equip- ment.


Remove 2 connectors, remove 3 screws toshiba e studio 200l then take off the paper exit unit.

Take off the main motor drive unit P. Stopper Pull out the finisher from the equipment.

Printer image processing Smoothing processing External input system interface Image area control Laser related control Printer high-quality image processing Laser drive board Image data flow Laser drive Fig.

The stain residual toner tends to remain more on toshiba e studio 200l cleaning roller than on the fuser roller or pres- sure roller. Remove 1 screw and 1 ground wire. Eliminates the residual nega- adheres to the photoconductive drum and tive charge from the surface of the photo- forms visible image.

Take off the SYS board case P. Remove 1 E-ring and 1 bushing.

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